Castle of Almourol, in Vila Nova de Barquinha

The Almourol Castle, in Ribatejo, is located on the beach Parish of Ribatejo, Vila Nova de Barquinha County, District of Santarém in Portugal, although its location is often attributed to Tancos as it is the village where in sight better.

Erected a granite outcrop to 18 m above sea level, on a small island 310 m long by 75 m wide in the middle reaches of the Tagus river, just below its confluence with the river Zêzere, at the time of the Reconquista integrated call Tagus line, current Tourism Region of the Templars. Is one of the most representative examples of military architecture of the time, simultaneously evoking the early days of the kingdom of Portugal and the Templar Order, association that reinforces the aura of mystery and romance. With the extinction of the Temple Almourol castle becomes part of the heritage of the Order of Christ (which was the successor in Portugal of the Knights Templar).

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