Ribatejo, Three Natural Regions

From a geographical point of view, the Ribatejo is divided into three natural regions: Wetland, Quarter and Heath.

The Tejo Lezíria the Tagus Wet Area comprises the area of ​​wetlands by the river and surrounding land, and includes alluvial soils of excellent quality, in which the vineyard boasts all its vigor. Fertilíssimas these lands beyond the vineyard are cereal crops, melons, tomatoes and excellent pasture for beef cattle and horses.

The Bairro (“neighborhood” in english) appears on the right bank of the Tagus (North Ribatejo), with a little sharp relief, adjacent and sandstone formations, limestone and clay in shades which are varied, ranging from off-white to brownish to red and orange. In these clay soils are shrub and tree crops in which dominates the olive tree that lives closely with vines, wheat and corn.

The Charneca (Moor) extends from the left bank of the river Tagus to the Alentejo (South of Ribatejo). It is sandy soils, including vast areas of cork oak and eucalyptus and pine trees. However you can also see, in more favorable locations, cereal crops and vines, as well as rice in the most irrigated areas.

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