Castle of Ourem

The Castle of Ourem, also known as Palace of the Counts of Ourem, located in the city of the same name, the parish of Our Lady of Mercy, Ourém municipality, Santarém district of Portugal.

In a dominant position on the medieval village and the creek Seiça, is considered one of the most beautiful Portuguese castles.

At the time of the Christian Reconquest of the Iberian peninsula, the region incorporated the areas of Portugal, the place names of Portus Auren or Portum Ourens is mentioned as a term of Leiria, in the Charter of last Foral to this village in 1142. This place names also part of the donation document Wax Castle to the Knights Templar (1159), and a Bishop of the document from Lisbon to D. Afonso Henriques on a territorial dispute with the Templars (1167). It is believed, therefore, that the early settlement was located in one of the fords of the Seiça river, probably somewhere between the current Sabacheira and Seiça.

The old Muslim fortification must have been rebuilt in the early days of the monarchy, since the first reference to a triangular plant castle on the hill top dates back to 1178.

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