Ucharia do Conde, Taste the Traditional Flavors of Ourem

The Ucharia do Conde is a unique space, tasting the traditional flavors of Ourem, situated in the old prison building in the center Ourem History.


The former prison, which was constructed prior to 1755, is the physical space that gives rise to this partnership project between the City of Ourém and OurémViva, which has as main objective the dissemination and promotion of food culture and wine site.

Situated a little further up the Pelourinho Square, next to the Inn, the building is part of the Medieval town of architecture, characterized by large windows ripping the facade with the old iron grating preserves the marks of ancient foundation.

In the “pantry” of Count (Ucharia means pantry), we can find a wide range of local products, including wines, olive oils, honey and sweets.

At the table, the Ucharia presents us with traditional flavors present in cod with chícharos and the ram to Naughty Valley, among other delicacies of our land.

Contacts: uchariadoconde@gmail.com | Mobile 915 002 924 | Phone 249 541 676

More information: https://www.facebook.com/ucharia.doconde

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